I know, I know I am behind the times. I switched over to a non-toxic lotion when I was pregnant because your skin absorbs 60% of what is put on it, let that sink in (pun intended). But I have heard for years the benefits of using body oil vs. a lotion, I just haven’t taken the oily plunge. If you have yet to go swimming yourself and need a gentle nudge in the body oil direction, these bloggers talk  about the various benefits:

My first impression when taking a look at body oils was the limited ingredients list that I had to research for each product. They are usually only made up of a few ingredients that are easy to understand and check up on, hallelujah!  So the timing couldn’t have been better when I was introduced to the owner of Purepose through a friend. She asked if I would like to try out a few products, including their body oil, and I thought about it for about 3 seconds before saying YES!!!

The owner/creator Elyse is a former hairstylist who was tired of watching and performing highly toxic processes on her clients. She comes from a rural upbringing and knew there were great ingredients found in nature all around us, and women could do better. So she started Purepose, they currently have 5 products and I tested out 3 of them. I tried the Body Oil, the Hair Treatment Oil and the Facial Cleanser. They all came in pretty amber glass bottles to keep the ingredients stable. Love that!

Gentle Cleansing Oil

When you first open up this product you notice the bright yellow color it has. I felt a little strange slathering it all over my face not knowing what caused the strong color so I emailed Elyse and she told me

The cleanser is a creamy yellow color due to the infusion of rose hip seed oil with all the other ingredients. We believe in the existence of healing and moisturizing agents in our cleansers as well as all our other products that remain on the skin. Rose hip seed oil at it’s purest and most organic state is a beautifully vibrant orangey red in color making it dominant in any combination.”

I had no idea! Learn something new everyday. This product performed really well in that it left my skin feeling very clean and refreshed. It didn’t cause any breakouts and didn’t dry me out. However it is incredibly liquidy (I know that’s not a real word) , you almost have to throw it on your face since it’s hard to gather in your hand prior to applying. So the performance was great but I didn’t love the application process.

Hair Treatment

I loved this product because my hair is typically fairly dry and sometimes frizzy due to the dry California heat, and this helped with both issues. However, it is a product you apply BEFORE you get in the shower and sadly I would forget to apply it all the time. I think I only remembered about once a week which is not exactly a great way to give a product a real test run. Yes I am aware of how pathetic it is that I can’t remember this, but my 1 year old is still waking up twice a night, remembering stuff is not my strong suit right now.

Body Oil

So this was the big winner for me because it was easy to use and my skin loved it. At first I felt like my skin was drinking it because I had to just keep applying more and more. But after a week of using it after getting out of the shower I needed less of it. The ingredients are super easy to understand and all serve a purpose.


  • APRICOT KERNEL OIL: This oil is a natural emollient and antioxidant.  It has anti aging qualities while healing the skin with its detoxifying and anti inflammatory elements without clogging pores.
  • COCONUT OIL: This oil softens and moisturizes skin.  It contains vitamin E and nourishing anti aging components and is an extremely light and a highly absorbent oil.
  • AVOCADO OIL: This oil has  extremely high amounts of proteins, unsaturated fats, and omega 3s.  It naturally softens the texture of skin and is filled with antioxidants and vitamins, which are perfect for natural healing.
  • YLANG YLANG ESSENTIAL OIL: This essential oil has a strong and sweet floral scent.  It is an active antidepressant and antiseptic.
  • BERGAMOT ESSENTIAL OIL: This essential oil has natural deodorant properties and a sweet citrus aroma.  It is both soothing emotionally as it is physically and works as a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, sedative, antidepressant, and disinfectant.
  • ROSE GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL: Consisting of a beautiful and rich floral scent this essential oil is perfect for dry or aging skin.  It actively boosts hormones and mental strength while targeting to heal scarring and skin discoloration for a radiant and youthful glow.

The smell, or lack there of, is also what I like about this body oil. Don’t get me wrong I love a good gardenia or lavender smelling oil but on a daily basis I prefer mostly unscented things. This just has a small hint of yumminess but not overpowering at all.

What I decided on body oils vs. lotion

Overall I think I will stick to using this body oil when I get out of the shower because I feel like it traps in moisture and feeds my skin more. However, when I need to do a quick application on the go or want my legs to look shiny in a dress I will break out the body lotion again.

Hope this helps you decide with one would be good for you, enjoy!

Organic Love,


FYI – I was provided these products by Elyse at Purepose but I was not asked to give any specific opinion or review. She was just hoping for feedback but I ended up loving the Body Oil so much I asked if we could do a giveway, details on Instagram.