Happy Saturday,

I just got into major cleaning mode and finally have all of my favorite non-toxic baby feeding items clean at once, hurrah! So I snapped a picture as quickly as possible before we dirtied everything up again.

1). Modern Twist Silicone Bucket Bib, I love this bib so much! It is so soft I know it feels good around Little M’s neck, and it’s incredibly flexible so it’s easy to roll up and tuck in the diaper. Best of all it is 100% pure, high-grade silicone ,that is free of BPA, phthalates, latex  and vinyl. The company was started by a woman who believed what kids eat off of should be as pure as what they are eating, love it.

2). The Safe Sippy Cup 2. We went through A LOT of sippy cups when she was ready to start drinking some water, this one is the only one we could get her to drink more than a small sip from. She chugs this one. It is made of stainless steel and has a #5 plastic spout. I am not a huge fan of any plastic but the spout is what makes this cup for me, the angle that it is at makes it easy for her to drink from yet is still spill-proof. No idea why she likes it so much, and she kind of looks like a gerbil (a really cute gerbil of course) drinking from it, but hey it works!

3). Our Oogaa baby weaning spoons. These come in fun colors, are high-quality silicone with no fillers, and have some bumps on the bottom that make it fun for Little M to chew on. She has started to feed herself a little (not very successfully) so we are ready to move on to the planes and trains spoons but these have been fantastic. This company was also started by a woman looking for better products for her kid, starting to see a trend? 🙂

It’s only slightly in the picture in the background but I do love our Stokke Tripp Trapp chair. It’s the best and oh so pretty. I will do a post later on how I chose it and some other great alternatives.

So there you have it, my round up of our current non-toxic feeding favorites! Let me know if you have some favorites I don’t know about or if you have any recommendations for the next stage.

Organic Love,