I am in major house project mode and I thought the front door would be the easiest start. It took longer than I thought but as far as house projects go you can’t beat a 1 day turnaround. And now I won’t be miserable every time I turn the corner and see our door, yay!

Disclaimer: I did not do this as a non-toxic project so the paint used does contain VOCs. I figured since it was only off-gassing outside then it wasn’t worth spending the extra money on a non-VOC paint. So that’s a warning, don’t come and sniff my door.

Here is what my door looked like before, well kind of IMG_6163before. I forgot to take a picture before I started taping…….

It was red with a black oil finish that the previous owners had done. Not terrible by any means just not my style, and it didn’t really go with the feel of the house once you walked through the doors.

I started by giving the doors a good scrubbing with an all purpose cleaner and then sanding down any rough or peeling spots. Then I taped off the edges and the hardware. I know you are supposed to take the hardware off the doors but it was 95 degrees that day and I wanted all the bought air to remain in the house. God knows why I decided to do this project during a heat wave.

IMG_6210 I was using a paint and primer in one so I didn’t have to prime first, I’m lazy like that. I picked up the BEHR exterior, semi-gloss paint and primer, in black.¬† I used a small roller brush for the flat parts of the door, then used a brush for the details and edges both of which I already owned. It took two coats of paint in addition to me going over the corners with my step-daughter’s art brush to cover up all the red.

It took me a few hours in total, a lot longer than I first anticipated. In fact it took so long that I was forced to eat some Autie Annie’s Cheddar squares and drink a beer for nourishment. Who knows what would have happened to me if I hadn’t, I don’t even want to think about the terror.

But the time was worth it and I am so happy with the results! The overall project ended up costing $130, not too bad! I would love to get some kick-plates and replace all the hardware but that is for another day.

Here is what I used:

  • BEHR exterior paint and primer¬† – $18
  • small paint roller and paint brush – already owned these
  • Boxwood wreaths from Save on Crafts – 2 for $68
  • Larger welcome mat from Smith & Hawken from Target – $27 (wasn’t online but a similar one is here)