We tried out the edible baby finger paints yesterday by WeCanToo that I found on Amazon here. We have a picture in our house of my step-daughter when she was around Little M’s age playing with finger paints and it is the cutest thing ever. She was going to town with the paints and my husband had the picture framed alongside her artwork. I thought it would be a cute idea to do that with Little M and hang the two sister’s work side by side.

But of course I was not going to be happy with any ol’ fingerpaint, especially since she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth right now! So I came across the edible finger paint linked above that is made from fruit and vegetable pigments and is completely edible. After using it for this specific art project here are my thoughts;


  • I feel great when she is eating some of it, how many paints can you say that about?
  • The colors are very vibrant when they are wet which is great for teaching her the different colors during her play


  • The paint is pretty hard to mix to a desired consistency. You add water to the bottles it ships in, and have to shake pretty vigorously right before you use them to make sure the powder is mixed in. Even with doing that many times it was still pretty watery, definitely not the usual paint texture.
  • The paint goes bad after a month, which means it truly is made from fruits and vegetables, but if you don’t have a  lot of art planned it could be wasteful. I wish I had read that before mixing up the whole bottle……. If I could do it over again I would have removed half the powder from each color and stored it in mason jars for later use.
  • Once dry, the painting becomes very dull and the colors are super faded

IMG_5999So in summary I would definitely buy these again just to have in the house for a rainy day activity, you can’t beat the quality of the ingredients. However, for the project that I was attempting I am pretty disappointed, the colors are so bland hung that if I hung it up next to her sister’s from 12 YEARS AGO it would look pretty sad. It’s not even close.

It was a fun day regardless of the outcome. I hope this helps you decide to give these non-toxic paints a try to let your little ones have some healthy fun playing with paint!

Organic Love,