My Favorite Non-Toxic Baby Feeding Items


Happy Saturday, I just got into major cleaning mode and finally have all of my favorite non-toxic baby feeding items clean at once, hurrah! So I snapped a picture as quickly as possible before we dirtied everything up again. 1). Modern Twist Silicone Bucket Bib, I love this bib so much! It is so soft…

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My Front Door Refresh For $130


I am in major house project mode and I thought the front door would be the easiest start. It took longer than I thought but as far as house projects go you can’t beat a 1 day turnaround. And now I won’t be miserable every time I turn the corner and see our door, yay!…

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Beauty Counter Samples

  I just got my beauty counter samples in the mail, so excited to try them out!!!!! I love what this company is about and the mission they are working towards. Hopefully I will love their products just as much, stay tuned. 

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Favorite Non-Toxic Toys 6-12 Months


I had a friend recently ask some other mommies about good non-toxic toys for the next stage her daughter is entering in, it made me think about what was next for my Little M and what she has enjoyed until now. Maybe I can help some other moms with babies behind my Little M in…

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Pressed Juicery Freeze


I couldn’t put off my frozen yogurt craving any longer! So I made a little bit of a healthier choice and grabbed a Pressed Juicery Freeze. This one is the Vanilla flavor base, made of dates, almonds, vanilla bean & sea salt. Then I topped it with shredded coconut, raspberries and dribbled cocoa…….so yummy!!!!!!

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10 Things New Moms Wish You Knew


This is a simple list of how to interact with a baby and new mom without driving everyone nuts! This is for you, you helpful grandmas who raised your child 40 years ago, and you incredible besties out there that are “super cool aunts”. We love you, but we would love it if you knew:…

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