Non-Toxic Play Dough

Little M is teething and not sleeping so it’s been a LONG day. Nana made a great suggestion to let her play with some play dough and entertain herself for a little bit, thank you Nana! Luckily Santa had brought some Eco-Dough, a non-toxic alternative to Play-Doh. Play-Doh isn’t necessarily toxic but they don’t release…

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Pumpkin Patch Kind of Weekend

if you are in the east bay I highly recommend checking out G&M Farms in Livermore! We had such a blast this weekend inbetween the rain showers. They have a huge corn maze for big kids, a small hay bale maze for little kids, pony rides, a corn pit (kids were freaking out over this, a trike obstacle course, and of course tons of pumpkins! 

I didn’t walk away with any adorable, smiling photos as you can see because she was too excited. I passed by mother after mother snapping photos of her adorable toddler sitting on a pumpkin or standing in the tall grass and I thought how!? My daughter just kept saying pumpkin and pointing 😂😂😂😂. 

But we all had a great time so that’s the important part right?…………..right!!!???

Happy Monday,


My Favorite Non-Toxic Baby Feeding Items

Happy Saturday, I just got into major cleaning mode and finally have all of my favorite non-toxic baby feeding items clean at once, hurrah! So I snapped a picture as quickly as possible before we dirtied everything up again. 1). Modern Twist Silicone Bucket Bib, I love this bib so much! It is so soft…

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My Front Door Refresh For $130

I am in major house project mode and I thought the front door would be the easiest start. It took longer than I thought but as far as house projects go you can’t beat a 1 day turnaround. And now I won’t be miserable every time I turn the corner and see our door, yay!…

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Beauty Counter Samples

  I just got my beauty counter samples in the mail, so excited to try them out!!!!! I love what this company is about and the mission they are working towards. Hopefully I will love their products just as much, stay tuned. 

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